So today a great news is coming for Huawei. US has finally revoked its imposed ban on Huawei after over a period of month. This is a major relief for the Chinese tech giant as it was struggling to survive without US tech products. US President Donald Trump has dropped the ban today and announced that US companies are allowed (seems partially) to trade once again with the Huawei.

Unbanned After G20 Summit

This came after the meeting, during the G20 Summit in Japan, between the US President Donald Trump, and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. President Trump said that he agreed to not to increase the already existing Tariffs on Chinese products. During negotiations, China has also agreed upon buying more agricultural products from the US.

He further added that at the request of Chinese President and High-Tech Companies he is allowing Chinese company Huawei to buy product from them which will not impact their National Security. National Security means, he will not allow selling of those products which Huawei could use to spy on US.

Remind you, US ban Huawei over National Security Concern.

He didn’t clarify which companies can deal with Huawei after lifting of ban. There are lot of companies in US who makes complex equipment and deals with Huawei – we’re letting them to do business with Huawei” Trump Stated.

However, this lift doesn’t necessarily end all the trouble for Huawei. Later when asked if Huawei would be removed from Entity List of US Department, he said that the two countries hadn’t discussed yet on it and It will be discussed later at the end of trade talks. After Huawei was placed in Entity list, many companies were restricted to do business with Huawei. Several companies like Qualcomm and Intel came against the ban, citing the huge financial loss to American companies.

At the end, Huawei has got something to cheer up as there was no way to go for Huawei without US product, majorly Google Services like Android, Playstore, Mail, and others.

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