The Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the most unique smartphone of 2019, as it is foldable. It may not be the first commercially available foldable phone, but it is from the side of a company like Samsung who is trying to make foldable phones a reality for everyone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold’s initial impressions are positive after a few hours of using the phone. The big 7.3-inch display looks great and the best part is you can fold it in half.

April 26 is the U.S. release date but the company has officially delayed the launch as main display of review units have developed faults. Samsung said it will announce a new release date in upcoming weeks.

It’s going to cost $1,980 in the United States and £ 1,800. (EUR 2,000) in the United Kingdom, making it one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, almost matching the cost of the upcoming Huawei Mate X foldable.



Certainly, the company did not take up the challenge lightly of designing its first foldable phone. This is a that has been gone through thousands of different prototypes from many years.

Upon opening this phone you get beautiful 7.3-inch AMOLED display and the 20-part dual-axis hinge helps in opening and closing, It open just like a book, convert instantly form to tablet mode.

Samsung has worked a lot on the hinges, making it smooth to fold and unfold. It can survive repeated folding and unfolding and can handle over 200,000+ folds and unfolds, which can last long for more than 5 years. The phone feels premium as the way the hinge disappears when it’s fully opened. Fold it back up and the phone snaps with a pleasant sound.

The fingerprint sensor is precisely located on the lower right edge of the device, falling perfectly under the finger or thumb. Fingerprint sensor also act as the Bixby button, which you can also program to open other apps.

We have power / lock and volume keys above the digit reader, while at the bottom of the fold you will find a USB-C port on one half of the bottom frame and a speaker on the other half. Where the second speaker with Dolby Atmos support is on the top edge of the phone. There’s no headphone jack support with this device.


It’s big, bulky and heavy with such design. The  Fold is thick and heavy with size of 62.9x 160.9x 17 mm and 269 g weight, which means It  will not be easy for your pockets. The Gorilla Glass 6 provides a solid external protection from outside, but the Galaxy Fold is not water resistant, so keep it away from water.

The Galaxy Fold is available in Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue colour variants. Blue and Green colour variants are available only on Samsung’s website.


The 7.3-inch Super AMOLED screen is beautiful, vibrant and colorful. You can easily see the screen in direct sunlight. But as it attract glares from the sun, so you need to tilt it a little bit to get more clear view of the screen. It’s due to the polymer material used in display which gives it a laminated look and finish. The front 4.6-inch screen is also HD+ Super AMOLED screen, but it’s small. You can’t use it for like our normal smartphone because everything appears so small. Samsung says the front screen is mainly for the purpose of notifications.

Yes, there’s a crease. If you look straight on the phone in the presence of bright and colorful apps, it’s harder to see, but it’s visible when you look at the phone from the side or outdoors, and you can feel it when you slide your finger across the screen.

 Special Features

Samsung collaborated with Google to create some of the finest features to create the most of its foldable design. The first is App Continuity, which allows the content to automatically switch from 4.6-inch display to 7.3-inch display when the device is unfolded.

Next useful feature is Multi Active Window, which gives you freedom to simultaneously unlock up to three applications on the big screen of the Galaxy Fold. The Split screen feature will allow you to open additional apps, and you can also easily resize the apps with just your finger.

Camera, Battery and Performance

There are total six cameras in the Fold.

Rear side:

  1. 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens [f/2.2]
  2. 12MP main sensor [f/1.5-f/2.4, OIS]
  3. 12MP telephoto lens [f/2.4, OIS]


  1. 10-megapixel f/2.2 camera
  2. 8-megapixel f/1.9 RGB depth camera

Front side:

  1. 10-megapixel f/2.2 Selfie camera.

It comes with a good  4,380 mAh battery capacity. The battery can last long for a day with medium usage, like music, snapping photos, watching video clips and checking email.

It also has Wireless PowerShare feature, which enables you to charge other devices and accessories merely by putting them on the Samsung handset’s back.

With 12 GB of RAM inside, plus 512 GB of internal storage, the Fold is driven by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855. There is no MicroSD card slot so storage capacity can not be further expanded.

All this will cost you a whopping $1,980.