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3 Easy Ways to Delete all Tweets at Once

July 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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Last week we posted 7 Ways to check who unfollowed you on Twitter, On that post one of our reader asked “How to Delete all Tweets at once?” I thought to make a new post about it so that other people who have same query can check this useful post. You might be thinking why would anyone wants to delete or erase all tweets from his/her twitter account? In our reader’s case, he have given OAuth authentication of his account to scam/unreliable website, which promise to increase followers and posted thousands of tweets behalf of him on his account, For some reason he was inactive on twitter for like 6 months now he removed that application and wants to delete all tweets which he never posted.

Unfortunately, twitter doesn’t offer any of its kind service which allows users to delete all tweets at once. So, we need to use third-party Twitter applications which will do this hectic task for us.

Note : You can’t restore your deleted tweets. So before trying any app, make sure you really wants to delete all or selected tweets.

How to Delete All tweets ?

To delete all tweets or selected tweets from your account, Check the below mentioned twitter applications.

    1. TweetEraser

Tweet Eraser is the best twitter app available for deleting all tweets or selected tweets. To use the TweetEraser, Visit the home page of the tweet eraser app and click on “sign with twitter”, it will be redirected to twitter OAuth request page, click on Allow button. Again, it will be a redirect to tweet eraser dashboard from where you can search your tweets or direct messages by providing text keywords, twitter hash tags or tweets within specific date.
tweeteraser delete all tweets 3 Easy Ways to Delete all Tweets at Once

After getting search results you can click on select all, than “Delete selected items” to delete all tweets or uncheck the tick box beside tweets which you don’t wants to delete. As per twitter API’s limitation, you can make up to 350 request per hour, which means you can only delete 350 tweets per/hour.

    1. Delete My Tweets

Delete My Tweets is another neat & simple to use twitter web application to delete all tweets in just one click. It has “Select All, None” and other options to make your multiple tweets delete task simple.

delete my tweets 3 Easy Ways to Delete all Tweets at Once

To use Delete My Tweets App, visit app’s homepage & click on “Sing-in with Twitter”, click on “Allow” and your ready to Delete all or select tweets in just one click.


Delete Multiple tweets is another twitter app which allow’s its users to delete more than one tweet in one go. unlike other app’s it doesn’t have “select all” option. So, if you have tweets in thousands I would not recommend you to use this. As it will take hell lot of time to check tick box for thousands of tweets. But if you have tweets in just hundreds and would like to delete selected tweets this would be your best choice.

delete multiple tweets 3 Easy Ways to Delete all Tweets at Once

To use this app, visit and click on “Sing-in with twitter” and give authorization of your twitter account. After this, it will automatically redirect you to app page. By default app will fetch your latest 100 tweets but you can change the number of tweets you wants to see. After selecting your desired number of tweets simply click on tweets which you wants to delete and click on “Delete the tweets permanently”.

Know any other app? let us know in below comments icon smile 3 Easy Ways to Delete all Tweets at Once

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